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The first time

Which was your first ladies bag 

In my case, it was the first two. The first two ladies' bags I bought with my first two salaries. I still remember exactly what these looked like! I had previously had bags, but these could never have been so special otherwise I would not have forgotten them. More likely I forgot because I got it and not picked it myself, but okay. After the first two, many more followed As I started to earn more money, the quality kept getting better and with that the ladies bag became more and more expensive. I also like shoes and clothes, but not as much as bags, even though I can also write a book about shoes.

The ladies bag and me

I always have favorites in my personal collection, but I am not loyal to any of them. That's why I have so many. I don't know why I love ladies' bags so much. It is probably my best companion because I really never walk without a ladies bag. I don't even like to be photographed without a ladies bag. I want to wear every ladies bag that I like and my wish list is far from finished. I am not sensitive to brands, but the Haute Couture houses in turn make the most beautiful ladies bags. Sometimes love goes so far that I find it more important to think about the accessories than the clothes when I receive an invitation to a party. 

Which is why I sometimes wonder; What does the love for ladies' bags say about a woman. What I have a lot of, there are plenty of women who stay true to one. I am still looking for specific studies on ladies' bags and women. Can a link be found between the personal love relationships and the relationship with ladies' bags Perhaps this goes a bit far, but it is. not even. It is clear to me that at least I want to research such studies for myself first.n. 


There is not a single ladies bag that I have ever produced myself. Countries such as China and Turkey produce women's bags on a large scale. I have the ambition to do this in the future, from raw material to end product. That seems great to me. I want to know everything about it and I already know how I would like to have the first collection. Of course in the most special colors and with the most beautiful hardware. Until then, there is still plenty to learn and collect from the production of others. I am also not averse to second-hand or pre-loved ladies' bags. Every woman wears it differently and it does not detract from the beauty of the handbag.

Never throw away women's bags that you no longer wear! There are sustainable ways to make new bags or make someone else happy with them. By this I don't even mean that much to put it on an auction site. In low-wage countries, women also like to look good, so you can never have too many bags. Give these bags to them. Satisfaction does not always have to come from money!