The woman

The need to look good, every woman deals with it in her own way. Factors that respond strongly to this are the frame of reference and the circles in which you operate. The fact is that there is also something like an ideal of beauty and that it is imposed on women.

I personally enjoy looking at a woman more when she's put in the effort for her appearance. After all, what is beauty if this is not seen? However, many women become uncomfortable when there is a lot of beauty to be seen in another woman. They will then quickly look for factors and excuses to be able to put something behind them. I'm not talking about how pretty a woman is here. I'm talking about the woman's appearance.w. 

In practice

The use of make-up, beautiful quality clothing or specific branded clothing. Using jewelery, jewelery and other accessories. The choice of hairstyles and wearing heels. All tools that can be used to look good. If you look at society, there are enough differences and every woman is truly unique, even if she is impersonating someone. There must be a difference, otherwise we would all be the same. A question that sometimes concerns me, how confident are women in what they choose for themselves. The more a woman makes up, wears accessories and heels. The sooner this makes another woman uncomfortable. 

Earlier I said that there is a search for factors and excuses that quickly express themselves in one but and one opinion. In concrete terms, a woman dresses flashy when she does a little more. That is the opinion because this word is often mentioned quickly. How flashy It can of course also be the other way around. The boring woman who wants to put in less effort to look good. How boring Every woman should do what she feels good about Women should be less concerned with each other. In addition, we also have to value each other a little more and want to do more for your appearance is ultimately a matter of taste. You don't have to love it, but someone else mightn wel?

Who decides what is beautiful or how it should be done? You can never really do it right. If you do a lot there is comment, if you do little there is also comment. There is nothing wrong with an opinion, but why do we want to form it so badly. Why do we look for this? It is not always necessary to have it, nor is it always necessary to say something. Then I have left out the body and the use of tattoos and piercings, for example ... Society can make it difficult for women, should women not support each other a bit more I am aware that this is not always that simple , but it really can be better just by looking at things more positively.ken.

In the context of never being able to do good, you better be sure of yourself and in the choices you make for yourself. Self-confidence is the strongest weapon of war.