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Welcome to Elegánsia Accessoires!

It has finally started and of course we are not going to do this alone. This is possible by anyone who has inspired and supports Elegánsia. Also together with you, the person reading this. In addition to changing collections and stylings in the online boutique, there are also these Elegánsia blogs. Blogs to simply talk about ladies' bags very nicely, but also to make others think and make them more aware of the materials and products they choose. There are some important features that we would like to share in advance. When it comes to ladies' bags, we get a bit stubborn.

No bag is the same and we do not just call a bag. Elegánsia Accessoires speaks of ladies' bags that we offer. In addition, there is a clear distinction between handbags and shoulder bags. You wear a shoulder bag around the shoulders. A handbag in your hand, even though it almost always has an adjustable shoulder strap as an extra. There are now ladies' bags that are actually produced with both a handle and a shoulder strap. We like to call these handbags. Elegánsia also likes color.

We select many models that are produced in different colors. Moreover, we will rather opt for ironwork that is gold colored. There is also some company with a ladies bag. That's why we offer bag accessories, wallets and card holders. To complete the picture, jewelery such as earrings and brooches are indispensable. These should of course match the ladies' bags we offer as much as possible. This has also been carefully thought out. In addition to the online boutique, we are also very active on Instagram, we do this under the name elegánsia_accessoires.

We put the photos of the latest ladies' bags first on Instagram. We also place the stylings here extensively. In the stories we include exclusive views behind the scenes. This is a way to follow Elegánsia in the work, to put together the best collections and stylings. In addition to our homepage and the collections, also view the other menus and be properly informed about the way in which Elegánsia Accessoires operates. Log in regularly for the stylings and blogs that we post. Find out on which days we do this.

On to a pleasant and long-term cooperation!