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Fashion accessories

A passion that started at a young age. For me, these are inseparable from the clothing and in the first place an indispensable part of fashion: Fashion accessories.

Clothing often does not even say that much because accessories give more meaning to clothing. Today I don't feel it gets the attention it deserves. The range of accessories itself is super high. Moreover, there are also many providers. The starting point is to style the clothing, but how many people sincerely look at personalizing the style with the accessories. To emphasize this, I would like to briefly go back in the history of Europe. An important Western shift from the 19th century onwards is that display of nobility became less important among men. Concepts such as democracy and enlightenment are getting through. Men now opt for a sober suit to wear. Clothing thus became uniform. The choices in accessories were immediately prioritized. It was precisely in the accessories that said something about the person. In the details of the accessories, the man managed to draw attention to himself. 

Of course there are plenty of other shifts taking place in time. However, if I look at the present, we are actually back in the 80s of our last century. Haute Couture brands that produce for the masses, whereby strong brands define our image. This is not a criticism, everyone is free to do what they feel comfortable doing. However, what is the personal point of if everyone would wear the same? With that I do believe that brands actually do little for someone. I hope for a shift just like with the suit It is precisely the accessories that say something about the person. Elegánsia Accessoires has this as a mission. It should mainly be about the accessories.. 

We want to show the power of accessories in our stylings. Show details of the earrings in the bag, show details of the bag in the earrings. Have the ironwork of bijoux come back in the bag, the ironwork of the bag come back in the bijoux, etc. Also mainly offer accompanying accessories such as wallets and card holders for the ladies' bags. We also offer accessories to decorate the bags. In the near future we will expand the number of accessories even further.

Elegánsia Accessories is for everyone. In particular, we focus on ladies who work in the legal profession and in cosmetics. Our accessories are also great for galas and weddings. We offer just a little more elegance and refinement as standard. Our goal is to get women to challenge themselves with the help of our accessories, to do even more with their styling!