It is the first big city I visited in my youth. Paris is a city that immediately took hold of me. Fashion had a different meaning here than where I came from and the food culture had a clear presence. These are exactly the things that have prompted me to love the city. No, not because of Disneyland Paris. Despite the fact that this was the reason for my first visit and here it is exactly: As a child I already enjoyed visiting the center of Paris more than that.

I have now traveled well and know enough other European cities, but there is no European city that is in my heart like Paris. I can easily not get there for years and yet it is of great significance. About ten years ago I really fell in love with the Haute Couture houses. I can walk out of the 1st and 8th arrondissements with my eyes closed. The Champs-Elysees is definitely my favorite location. My passion for fashion accessories was only fueled by my many visits to Paris.

Why that link from the Netherlands?

Elegánsia Accessories was founded in the Netherlands. The organization only expects to have France as its main market. The organization is already noticing this today. For the time being, Rotterdam will remain the location, but this will change within two years. To settle in one of the departments adjacent to department 75: Paris. In this way we can best serve the French market and remain involved with French society. From Paris, Elegánsia will still continue to deliver to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. In concrete terms, Paris will become the city of Elegánsia Accessories.

The French have a stronger sense of fashion and the French have much more of their own style. We therefore greatly value French fashion and women. We want to make other women like the Dutch enthusiastic about this. Because Elegánsia believes in its own style, which we always include in the company's vision. It explains our slogan. Incidentally, this is not a literal translation because you can sometimes say something nicer in one language. Until that happens, we are happy to operate from the Netherlands!