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About Elegánsia

Elegánsia Accessoires- For women with their own style

No brands, but in all respect for haute couture

Based on the collections that we launch four times a year, there is one thing we find really important and that is making women happy. This is Elegánsia's daily mission. Moreover, we are a bit idiosyncratic because we like to write our own story. Elegánsia does not sell brands, but is strongly inspired by Haute Couture.

Elegánsia Accessoires offers fashion accessories for women who have their own style. In the style that we women like to see and that is elegant. When women are elegant, they are at their best and most beautiful.The women's bags are the unique selling point in the online boutique and are coordinated with the other accessories. Women's bags with attention to material, color and hardware. Moreover, we also demonstrate this expertise in all kinds of ways to help women on their way.

In addition to the online boutique, we are mainly active on Instagram. Elegánsia does not use influencers on social media, but looks for ambassadors themselves who fit in with the vision and who are preferably customers. We provide answers to questions on both Instagram and email. These are always welcome! Keep an eye on the website regularly for our blogs.