Shipping policy

The prices offered on the website are always final for the Netherlands, without additional additional shipping costs. Shipping is only possible from the Netherlands to addresses in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

It is possible to return the orders, provided it is a product that is excluded from this, like all jewelery. The return process is currently still independently handled by the customer (with the exception of addresses in Rotterdam). By returning it to Elegánsia Accessories with a designated carrier. The costs incurred are only reimbursed for the Netherlands. There are also a number of conditions to be allowed to return.

Always read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

For the delivery of orders in the Netherlands (outside Rotterdam), France, Belgium and Luxembourg, Elegánsia Accessories uses the services of external postal companies. These are DPD and Red je Pakketje. In the Rotterdam region we do the delivery and collection independently. We always strive for delivery within 3 days after giving a reflection period of 24 hours directly from the moment an order is requested. For questions about all orders, please contact Elegánsia Accessories by sending an email to